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Bischofswerdaer Str. 37f
Phone:+49 (3596) 56 56-0
Fax:+49 (3596) 56 56-14

We have been on the market since 1992, supported by a pioneering attitude in ISOBUS solutions and the desire to perfect area-related arable farming.

We are an OEM supplier in the field of electronic equipment construction and cable assembly, particularly for the agricultural, forestry and construction machinery industry.

WTK-Elektronik handles the entire process chain, not only offering machinery and technology, but also software, consulting and services.

As a system provider, we develop and manufacture product-specific electronic assemblies for agricultural machinery, with a range of services that includes electronic controls, terminals, job computers, joysticks, control consoles, distribution boxes and cable harnesses as well as developing product-specific software. 

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