FORCE America introduces all-in-one solution for medium-duty applications

FORCE America's new FORCE America ONE system is a fully-integrated system for medium-duty plow and spreader applications.

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FORCE America Inc. has unveiled a powerful application for the one-ton market, called The FORCE America ONE. The ONE provides a turnkey, fully-integrated solution for medium-duty commercial plow and spreader applications. Among the many benefits, the solution offers easy installation and no need for calibration.

The ONE is equipped with components purposefully designed and manufactured by FORCE America. The package solution includes a tank and valve enclosure combining a 12 gallon reservoir, valve, filter, breather, sensors, electrical connections and hose fittings for ultimate protection. In cooperation with Parker Chelsea, transmission mounted ONE systems are driven by a quality PTO from Chelsea, offering a quiet and powerful application to get the job done. Under the hood, clutch pump mounted ONE systems are also available. The power behind ONE is easily controlled with FORCE America’s fully-integrated 5100ex controller and accompanying dual axis joystick. The easy-to-use, compact design offers a comfortable and controlled operation of the plow and hoist.

“Although designed with simplicity in mind, ONE provides a powerful solution for the toughest jobs,” says Jason Westad, FORCE America’s Senior Vice President of Sales. “Its easy installation and usability, in addition to the elimination of calibration, makes it a perfect solution for one-ton trucks in the commercial or public works markets.”

Available exclusively through FORCE America, the ONE provides a turnkey solution that is easy to add or remove for seasonal use. “There was a need for an out-of-the-box product and with our innovative manufacturing and design capabilities; we were able to bring it to market with quality components and competitive pricing,” adds Westad. “The end result is a powerful application built to get the job done! ONE is the perfect addition to our product offerings.”