Key Components Enhance the Human Machine Interface

EAO Switch Corp. offers a look at the various human machine interface components available today and how they have been designed to provide an enhanced vehicle operator experience while meeting the needs of today's complex system designs.


Electromechanical devices, including switches, keypads, keyboards, pointing devices and other elements such as indicators and alarms, are critical aspects of the human machine interface (HMI) for controlling equipment and systems. HMI Component technology has undergone major changes over the years to serve the increasingly specialized needs of industrial, transportation, telecommunications, audio/visual, public access/security, and lifting/moving applications. Designers today face a truly astonishing range of choices in electromechanical components that encompass not only the type of device, electrical specifications, environmental sealing, and mounting and termination styles, but also ergonomic considerations such as configuration, size, illumination, and tactile feel. Understanding how these electromechanical devices work and what is available to meet your requirements is an important first step to incorporating them in advanced HMI systems.