Technology News Tracker: Transforming a Culture of Incremental Change

The world of off-road equipment is a relatively slow-moving industry with minor modifications to vehicles every year or so with the occasional major innovation.

But according to Scott Klososky of TriCorps Technologies, in order to make the most of the digital transformation occurring in the off-road industry, leadership needs to have an accurate vision of the future of the industry.

An accurate vision of the future bolsters the confidence to execute a strategy to meet the digital future head on. It is about leading the way, not reacting too late and playing catch-up.

After the vision and strategy are determined, it’s time to act. But, in order for true progress to be made, resources need to be acquired and applied, according to Klososky.

A consultative approach will only get you pointed in the right direction, but it takes actual investment in personnel, in experts, in visionaries to get ideas into plans and plans into results.

There is no place in the digital future for redundant visions that piggyback what has always worked in the past.

The industry is transforming, and so too should the outlook.