Dana Enhances Spicer SPL Series Driveshafts

Enhancements to the SPL Series driveshafts include torque increases as well as durability improvements.

The updated SPL170 medium-duty driveshaft has a torque rating increase of up to 15%.
The updated SPL170 medium-duty driveshaft has a torque rating increase of up to 15%.
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Dana Incorporated announces enhancements to its Spicer SPL Series driveshafts for improved overall efficiency and increased performance. The improvements underscore Dana's ongoing commitment to its core driveline technologies, providing solutions for evolving customer application requirements.  

"As a market leader in driveshaft technologies, Dana remains resolute in providing innovative products that meet emerging market needs," says Mark Wallace, President of Dana Commercial Vehicle Drive and Motion Solutions. "Building on our legacy of engineering and manufacturing expertise, we continue to leverage our core driveline technologies, further optimizing performance and dependability."

The product enhancements will be available immediately for the Spicer medium-duty SPL series, while updates to the heavy-duty SPL series will be available in late spring 2020. All new driveshafts and related componentry will be completely interchangeable with current SPL product on the market.

Medium-Duty SPL Series

Dana has made improvements to its medium-duty SPL series, including a maximum torque rating increase of up to 15% for the SPL170 model and an up to 7% increase for the SPL140 model. These increases are achieved and confirmed through rigorous testing, improvements in analytical techniques, improved processes and materials, and extensive benchmarking of competitive products. The enhanced medium-duty SPL product will target multiple applications, allowing for rightsizing and the use of an optimum driveshaft, improving efficiency and cost.

Heavy-Duty SPL Series

The SPL170 and SPL250 heavy-duty series will incorporate another evolution of an improved, patented seal design, providing extended durability. The new composite sealing package will provide even greater resistance against environmental influence, further increasing performance life.