PGS 15 Pneumatic Disc Brake

Knott introduces its 15 in. pnuematic disc brake, the PGS 15, featuring single-piston actuation.

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The design of KNOTT's PGS 15 pneumatic disc brake features a simplified design for ease of maintenance and operation.

  • Offers single-piston actuation
  • Provides 4,000 Nm of braking power
  • Has been specifically developed for 15 in. rims
  • Currently approved for axle loads up to 3,200 kg, however it can be developed further for higher axle loads at any time
  • Provides constant, uniform braking power with minimal fading, excellent heat dissipation and a high level of braking comfort
  • Automatic wear adjuster with a large stroke guarantees immediate operational readiness after braking once, which is especially practical after a pad replacement
  • Features parking brake operated via a cable pull, which saves space and weight in the cramped installation space on the axle
  • Cup-shaped internally ventilated brake disc can easily be replaced without dismantling the hub 
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