Federal-Mogul Displaying New Efficiency-Enhancing Products at 2012 IAA Show

Federal-Mogul will be displaying several of its new efficiency-enhancing products, including the EcoTough Diesel piston skirt coating, at the 2012 IAA commercial vehicle show.

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Federal-Mogul Corporation will be exhibiting at this year's IAA (Hanover Exhibition Grounds, Hall 13, Stand C56, September 20 to 27, 2012) and will present a range of technologies designed to enhance the efficiency, emissions and fuel consumption of commercial vehicles. Amongst these innovations will be:

  • EcoTough Diesel piston skirt coating for improved fuel consumption
  • IROX Bronze bearings for improved wear resistance
  • New valve seat materials and valve guide lubrication for longer life and reduced maintenance
  • Champion CNG Transit Class Spark Plugs for improved efficiency in the alternative fuel sector
  • Thermflex exhaust insulating sleeves for improved emissions performance

"Efficiency enhancement is at the very heart of Federal-Mogul's strategy for technological leadership," says Federal-Mogul Chief Executive Officer, OE Division, Rainer Jueckstock. "The innovations we are sharing at IAA are all targeted at reducing consumption of fuel and oil, extending maintenance intervals and minimizing emissions to help meet future regulations and environmental targets."

Piston innovations to reduce friction and emissions

During IAA, Federal-Mogul will introduce its new low-friction EcoTough Diesel piston skirt coating. Suitable for both light and commercial vehicle applications, this product is based upon expertise developed for the award-winning EcoToughGasoline piston coating and has been specially formulated to also meet the demands of heavy-duty and highly charged diesel engines. The solid lubricant coating increases the piston skirt's wear resistance, allowing powertrain engineers to increase the clearance between the skirt and liner, reducing friction and therefore fuel consumption. Currently undergoing development with two leading engine manufacturers, the EcoTough Diesel piston skirt coating is expected to enter production in 2013.

Federal-Mogul will also highlight its new Dual-Gallery Monosteel Piston, which features a second oil-cooled gallery under the piston bowl to reduce bowl temperatures and improve emissions and durability on increasingly highly loaded heavy-duty engines. A patented oil passage design provides up to a 200% increase in oil supply to the undercrown gallery, while a center oil outlet provides efficient conrod and pin lubrication.

Piston rings designed to enhance engine efficiency, reliability and durability                

There are four key piston ring technologies on display at IAA, designed to enhance engine efficiency, reliability and durability. The new GDC (Goetze Diamond-Coated)-nitrided keystone ring technology provides up to 50% higher durability compared to standard PVD (physical vapour deposition) steel rings for high-EGR engines. The world's first cast steel compression rings by Federal-Mogul combine the design advantages of cast materials with steel performance to meet increasing engine efficiency demands. A new generation Multilayer PVD top compression ring with unique 70 nm scaled layering is substantially outperforming standard Monolayer PVD coatings in robustness and scuffing resistance. Finally, the company will display its proven, PACE award-winning LKZ oil rings, now optionally coated with a low-friction DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating CarboGlide that can additionally reduce ring friction by up to 20%.

Bearings technology to extend operating life

Federal-Mogul has applied its class-leading IROX polymer bearing technology to a new generation of bronze bearing shells, for heavy-duty diesel engine applications. Combining the exceptional wear resistance of a polymer overlay with the very high load capacity of a bronze substrate, the new bearings are capable of handling specific loads up to 80 MPa in highly boosted engines and provide extended durability in even the most arduous applications. In addition, these bearings provide a higher level of protection against the increased demands of start-stop operation in vehicles such as city busses, delivery vans or garbage trucks. Developed initially for highly loaded main bearing and conrod big-end applications in the heavy-duty truck sector, the new bearings can also be applied to the agriculture, off-highway and mining sectors.

Innovation for improved cylinder head gasket fatigue resistance

The company will be displaying an innovative hybrid steel-elastomer cylinder head gasket which incorporates a 250 bar combustion seal. This optimized technology provides a much more homogeneous contact pressure around the combustion opening when compared to either wire ring or embossed metal plate combustion seals. Additionally, because the combustion sealing element is produced from spring steel, there is up to a 300% improvement in load recovery as well as improved fatigue resistance. This greatly supports the sealing reliability of the engine block and cylinder head joint under higher firing pressures.

Valve seat and guide advances that drive engine durability

PMF-10E is a self-lubricating valve guide material that addresses the challenges of excessive and accelerated wear increasingly encountered on high specific power engines. The material allows valvetrains to operate at higher temperatures - between 100 C (212 F) and 200 C (392 F) hotter than those using conventional lubrication - without increasing wear between the valve stem and guide. This makes it easier for vehicle manufacturers to improve durability and emissions. The enhanced lubrication system has also been extended to other materials, allowing heavy-duty valve guides up to 100 mm to achieve high tribological and lifetime requirements and ensure lubrication in all operating points on side-loaded and engine braking valves. Additionally, the company will be showcasing its new FM-S25A and FM-S33E valve seat materials. These are designed to allow heavy-duty engines to reduce sulphur corrosion in intake valve seat inserts and minimize high temperature wear in exhaust valves and valve seat inserts.

Champion CNG Transit Class Spark Plugs for improved efficiency in the alternative fuel sector

Federal-Mogul's new Champion CNG Transit Class Spark Plugs have been developed specifically for commercial vehicle applications using CNG fuel and offer the perfect balance of durability, performance and value. The unique multi-layer fine wire iridium center electrode, combined with a ground electrode precious metal pad design provide improved combustion efficiency, creating potential for improved fuel economy and emissions whilst providing an excellent cost-to-durability ratio. Additionally, the plugs feature an industrial fired-in suppressor seal (IFISS) which has been specifically developed for demanding industrial applications. High-temperature Ni plating gives improved corrosion protection for engines using alternative fuels. Engineered as an industrial/automotive hybrid design, these spark plugs offer improved durability at a low cost.

New friction material for CV air disc brake pads

Federal-Mogul has developed Ferodo FER5200, a new commercial vehicle brake pad friction material designed for use on trucks, coaches and trailers. The brake pad improves braking performance while maintaining excellent heat stability. The friction material's other key qualities are its impressive NVH and comfort characteristics, along with improved wear and disc cracking behaviour that helps to reduce warranty claims and improve customer satisfaction. One of the world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers has already equipped Ferodo's FER5200 friction material to the front and rear axles of its latest truck.

Thermal protection to manage heat and increase emission control efficiency

The company will display its innovative line of Thermflex exhaust insulating sleeves, which trap heat within the exhaust system to allow for greater efficiency of the emissions control systems. The sleeves are designed to withstand temperatures up to 750 C and reduce the radiation of heat to nearby components, many of which are sensitive to high temperatures. Thermflex sleeves are a highly-engineered solution, designed to help vehicle manufacturers meet stringent and evolving emissions regulations.

Fuel pump technology for improved delivery and minimized emissions

There will be a show debut for Federal-Mogul's Carter EcoFlo Brushless Fuel Pump. The innovative design provides an up to 500% increase in pump life in extreme environments when compared to brush-type fuel pumps. Also, the brushless motor design is more efficient than brush-type fuel pumps, offering 30% higher pressure and flow capabilities. The incorporation of electric lift pumps provides consistent injection pump inlet pressure at start-up, improved performance at higher altitudes, and enhanced priming.