Webb Wheel's Vortex Unlimited Brake Drum Now Available for Drive, Steer and Trailer Axle Applications

Webb Wheel announces its Vortex Unlimited Brake Drum is now available for drive, steer and trailer axle applications.

A thermal image showing the low heat capabilities of the Vortex Unlimited brake drum.
A thermal image showing the low heat capabilities of the Vortex Unlimited brake drum.
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Webb Wheel has introduced the Vortex Unlimited, an innovative cast brake drum now available for the most popular steer, drive and trailer axle applications. Vortex Unlimited, manufactured in the U.S., has been designed to be durable and to run cooler because of improved heat transfer efficiency. On the drive and trailer axle configurations that include Webb’s patent-pending wear indicator vehicle operators can expect 25% more life from the Vortex Unlimited. 

The Vortex Unlimited was engineered using inventive processes and rigorous testing to produce a cast brake drum that offers the industry significant advantages over standard brake drums. A center squealer band strengthens the Vortex Unlimited and cast-in exterior ribs conduct heat away from the brake surface resulting in 10% lower operating temperatures. Dynamometer testing clearly shows that the heat generated by the Vortex Unlimited during a braking event is significantly less than with a standard brake drum. Running with lower temperatures extends drum and lining life, and increases stopping performance. A unique patent-pending wear indicator on the drive and trailer axle Vortex Unlimited drums takes the guess work out of wear measurements maximizing available drum life and saving labor time and cost.

Vortex Unlimited drums are now available in 15 x 4, 16.5 x 5, 16.5 x 7, 16.5 x 8 and 16.5 x 8.625 sizes from Webb distributors and can be used as a replacement for standard-duty cast brake drum applications.