Eaton Introduces New Heavy-Duty, Air-Cooled Disc Brake

Eaton has introduced its newest heavy-duty disc brake for surface mining and other heavy-duty applications, the Airflex FHB.

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Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation has announced a new heavy-duty air-cooled, spring-applied/pressure released disc brake for surface mining, oilfield and other heavy industrial applications. Based on a groundbreaking floating housing design, the Airflex FHB is rated for more than 430,000 lbs.-in. of torque. It provides a full 360 degree annular disc that extends friction pad wear life and friction pads that can be changed in less than an hour.

“The FHB is an optimum choice for applications like large draglines that are characterized by non-cyclic brake engagement. They are also well-suited for equipment operating at higher speeds or requiring precise balance of the rotating components,” says Eaton Airflex product manager Mark Reitz.

The floating housing design uses a solid rotor and stationary friction material to develop equal torque in either direction of rotation. The disc is mounted on the shaft, which is to be stopped while the brake assembly is attached to the machine frame. This design eliminates the need for a spline and the associated wear spline tooth or gear wear.

Eaton’s specially designed tapered lock assembly minimizes downtime by providing easy removal of the brake’s disc hub, eliminating the need to heat and press a bound hub which can become a day-long procedure.

“Because the new brake does not use a spline, rotor wear is eliminated during motor reversals and while freewheeling,” Reitz adds. “This gearless feature provides exceptionally high product life. The FHB also uses a long wearing, organic friction material and a rugged, solid-cast rotating disc that provides lower inertia than typical caliper brakes. For the end user, the FHB combines the quick friction material change of a caliper with the long friction material life and low inertia of a disc brake.”