UltraShift PLUS Automated Transmissions

Eaton Corporation introduces its UltraShift PLUS automated transmission with a self-adjusting electronic clutch actuator.

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Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation introduces its UltraShift PLUS automated transmission. Each platform within the UltraShift PLUS family is configured to meet the safety, performance, reliability, profitability and driver comfort needs for specific applications.

  • Available in overdrive and direct-drive models
  • Features self-adjusting electronic clutch actuator for fast, smooth engagements
  • Intelligent shift selection software employs grade sensing, weight computation and driver throttle commands
  • Software's shift decisions provide efficient, safe and profitable vehicle performance
  • Removes need for finding proper gear to climb a hill
  • Unlimited gross combination weight is available with 18-speed platforms
  • Hill Start Aid feature prevents rolling while on steep grades and allows for a controlled launch
  • Automatic, manual and low mode selections offer control options 
  • Creep feature offers improved maneuverability with continuous low-speed control
  • Six- and eight-bolt, as well as thru-shaft power take off (PTO) available
  • Includes an oil level sight glass to easily check fluid levels
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