Ergopower L II Transmission

The Ergopower L II from ZF is a powershift transmission for use on dump trucks with a payload of up to 50 tons.

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The ZF Ergopower L II is the automatic powershift transmission for dumpers with a payload up to 50 tons and a gross weight of up to 82,000 kg.

  • Features high loading capacity and powershift capabilities
  • Offers up to eight forward and four reverse gears
  • Gears are shifted smoothly via electronic control
  • Primary retarder provides good braking performance and significantly reduces wear on service brake
  • Braking torque varies depending on model between 1,000 and 1,800 Nm
  • Reduction in engine speeds offers 20% savings in fuel consumption
  • Optimal gear step enables higher transmission stepping
  • Optimum shift pattern, aided by a high gear spread, is achieved even under the highest loads
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