Dana Rexroth R2 Hydromechanical Variable Transmission (HVT) - Long-Drop Version

The R2 hydromechanical variable transmission from Dana Rexroth features a modular platform that provides various configuration options and software controls.

Dana Rexroth R2 Hvt 10932307

Dana Rexroth Transmission Systems introduces the R2 hydromechanical variable transmission (HVT), the latest powersplit system resulting from the 50-50 joint venture between Dana and Bosch Rexroth AG.

  • Modular platform enables configuration and software control options such as direct or remote mounting, flexibility in shift control and drive strategy parameters, and deployment of up to three PTOs
  • Well suited for applications requiring 135 to 195 kW (180 to 260 hp) of engine output power
  • Offers fuel savings in the drivetrain up to 25% 
  • Integrates hydrostatic, mechanical and control systems to accommodate various application requirements and customer preferences
  • Improves productivity by enabling sensitive, precise vehicle positioning and stepless drive with no interrupted acceleration
  • Occupies same space within design envelope as conventional torque converter transmissions while allowing for engine downsizing
  • Optimizes operating point of the diesel engine by decoupling engine speed from drive speed
  • Hydrostatic braking and wear-free directional reversals reduce maintenance costs 
  • Entire system of gears and hydrostatics is managed by an advanced electronic control unit (ECU), reducing complexity                          


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