Shift-On-Fly Hydrostatic Transmission

During Agritechnica 2013, Dana introduced its shift-on-fly hydrostatic transmission concept which allows seamless speed changes in combines and forage harvesters.

Dana Combine Drivetrain Solu 11231119
Adiam 5 10948696

Dana Holding Corporation has debuted a wide range of drivetrain concepts for combines and forage harvesters, including the shift-on-fly hydrostatic transmission concept.

  • For combines and forage harvesters up to 36 tonnes (40 tons)
  • Provides system for seamlessly changing speeds in varying field conditions or when transitioning between field operation and on-road travel
  • Compact and versatile design
  • Uses advanced gear shifting technology to eliminate need for stopping vehicle when shifting gears, supplying virtually the same 
  • performance as a powershift transmission 
  • Offers higher system efficiency and lower noise when operating at maximum speed 
  • Includes inboard wet disc brakes that offer fail-safe stopping performance and energy absorption
  • Integrated spring-applied, hydraulically released (SAHR) parking brake is available as an option
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