Hybrid AMT

The Hybrid AMT from Oerlikon provides seamless shifting benefits via torque infill from an electric motor during gear changes.

Oerlikon Hybridamt 11282140
Oe Graz Pos P485 11281017

Oerlikon Graziano introduces its hybrid, six-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). The transmission will be more cost effective, efficient and lighter than DCT alternatives.

  • Utilizes torque infill to provide seamless shift benefits
  • Provides torque infill from an electric motor during gear changes, providing refinement of a DCT
  • Increased low speed comfort does not compromise rapid shift time and responsiveness during spirited driving, due to a two-speed electric motor transmission solution enabled by a twin-shaft AMT layout
  • Smooth shifting at low to medium vehicle performance matches current DCT expectations, and the transition to high-performance is enabled by significant torque infill to reduce shift shock
  • For high performance vehicles with transaxle transmission configurations, and suitable for front- and rear-wheel drive applications
  • 120kW, 200Nm output enables support of different drivetrain layouts to provide a range extender drive for plug-in hybrid vehicles, torque infill, electric boost and KERS performance benefits
  • Regeneration of electric motor is also possible from internal combustion engine due to flexible management system
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