TPT 11 Transaxle

ZF has introduced the TPT 11, a powershift transaxle in the 85 to 115 hp power range.

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With the TERRAPOWER Transaxle (TPT) 11, ZF is laying the cornerstone for the modular expansion of its ever important and popular transmission range for tractor power ratings between 85 and 115 hp.  

  • Includes fast responding and conveniently matched four-way powershift facilitated by proportional valve control 
  • Smooth acting shuttle shift (Power Shuttle) and PTO clutch operates free of jerks and shocks, and starts up under closed-loop control dependent on the load 
  • Offers 32 forward and 32 reverse gears, as well as four PTO speeds
  • Divided into 16 gears in the field-work range and 16 gears in the road-driving range, fine gradation of transmission ratios is provided for each type of deployment
  • Fine gradation combined with ability to adapt selected transmission ratio up to four times under load ensures work is always carried out at the optimum speed 
  • Integrated pump drive helps increase energy efficiency by powering both a controllable axial piston pump and tandem pump simultaneously with low losses, ensuring sufficient hydraulic power for all applications  
  • Comfort features including Comfort Shift, Intelligent Power Shift (IPS) and Speed Matching are available on request, as is a ground speed PTO 
  • In-line design places input shaft and center of rear axle at the same height, enabling production of vehicles with lowest possible center of gravity and reduced total height
  • Proportional valve control allows each switching element to have its own proportional valve for individual pressure control for each single clutch
  • Switching behavior is independent of temperature and load status of the transmission
  • Includes integrated overload protection
  • Increased transfer capacity of clutches provide an increased reversing speed 
  • Load-dependent "electronic" control of the system (Load Sensing) creates closed-loop control for optimum adaptation to actual load conditions, avoiding sudden stresses 
  • Load-dependent control ensures powershift or run-up process of PTO is more comfortable, as well as prevents possible overload
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