ZF-TERRA+ Integrated Generator System

The ZF-TERRA+ is an integrated generator system for transmissions that can provide up to 5% fuel savings through power-on-demand operation of electrified auxiliaries.

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ZF's integrated generator solution, the ZF-TERRA+, comprises a powerful electric machine which is integrated into the transmission housing.  

  • Serves as a powerful power source for electric loads when operated in generator mode
  • Up to 5% in fuel savings can be achieved through power-on-demand operation of electrified auxiliaries on the tractor
  • CO2 emissions can also be reduced together with a boosted productivity and tractive effort 
  • Can be operated permanently in generator mode to provide, depending on the size of the electric machine, up to 70 kW of power 
  • If applied as power source to electric drives, can yield fuel savings and increased available power 5 to 10% through better efficiency compared to conventional hydraulic drives
  • Electrification on the implement enables new design concepts on the implement through flexibility in the arrangement and installation of drives
  • Can be converted to a powerful parallel mild hybrid system if extended by an energy storage unit such as a hybrid battery
  • Extension through energy storage unit enables typical hybrid functions such as stop/start with powered auxiliaries, short term boost of the engine, and stabilization and smoothing of engine operation
  • Use as a hybrid system creates additional degrees of freedom, allowing further improvements of fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and performance when used with intelligent power management 
  • Placement within transmission enables easy integration of separating clutch to decouple the generator/hybrid module from the engine
  • Allows for easy integration of a planetary gearset for increased power output 
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