Allison 9832 Oil Field Series Chosen for High-Tech Fracturing Trucks

The 9832 OFS transmission weighs up to 44% less than its competition, helping the fracturing trucks travel over difficult terrain in China.

Chinese Vehicle With 9832 Ofs (1)
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The Allison 9832 Oil Field Series (OFS) transmission has pumped up the pace of shale oil and gas recovery in China. 

Poor road conditions and mountainous terrain often limit the size and amount of equipment that can be transported to a work site. In addition, shale oil and gas deposits are often found at greater depths in China, requiring more pressure for extraction. 

Delivering 3,200 hp and weighing up to 44% less than its competition, the 9832 OFS provides a best in class power-to-weight ratio. According to Lanzhou Shengda Oil Production Equipment Manufacturing Ltd., customers using two 9832 OFS-equipped 3000 fracturing trucks were able to replace six LT1050 trucks used previously.

“Allison products have been highly regarded by the oilfield industry in China due to extraordinary quality and superior advantages. For years, our company has been greatly cooperating with Allison in different product lines. The 3000 fracturing truck proves again Allison’s extraordinary reputation and quality,” says Gao Jiemin, general manager of Lanzhou Shengda. 9832 Ofs Highres

The 9832 OFS transmission delivers consistent torque, stable oil pressure, lower oil temperature, a wide speed ratio and an available pipeline pressure test function. It also delivers an impressive 3,200 hp and 12,200 Nm of torque, while sufficiently light and compact for easy installation.

Lanzhou Shengda developed the 3000 fracturing truck using proprietary technology that limits its weight to less than 44 tons and length to 12 m. Adopting an 8x4 chassis produced by Sinotruk and MAN, the Allison-equipped truck is being introduced at home and abroad to satisfy the urgent demands of the petroleum equipment industry.