Comer 2- or 3-Speed Powershift Transmission

During EIMA 2016, Comer introduced its 2- or 3-speed Powershift transmission which provides a 30% fuel savings by ensuring the best gear ratios are used at all times.

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Comer Industries introduces its 2- or 3-speed Powershift transmission A-614 for high capacity feed mixers.

  • Integrates mechanical transmission, hydraulic system for clutch management, and electronic control unit (ECU) into single system
  • Allows gears to shift while machine is running
  • End user can change final speed of augers without stopping tractor PTO, avoiding any waste of time while increasing fuel savings
  • Gearbox works in combination with electronic control to manage multiple components and functions of the machine
  • Sensors installed in the gearbox monitor temperature, input and output speed, and pressure
  • ECU protects from improper shifting
  • ECU provides simple analogic signals and features CANbus interface to submit sophisticated feedback to main feed mixer control unit
  • Provides 30% fuel saving and reduction in mixing time through piloting gearshift from final machine’s panel and using best gear ratios at all times
  • Low noise transmission due to helical gear design
  • Designed for 10,000 hours of life
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