ZF EcoLife 2 Automatic Transmission for Buses

The ZF EcoLife 2 transmission has an optimized cooling system and provides fuel savings of up to 3%.

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ZF presents the latest generation of its proven automatic transmission system for buses, EcoLife 2. 

  • Lighter, more efficient and robust, and easier to maintain
  • Provides fuel savings of up to 3%
  • Offers stop-start capability for all model variants
  • Optimized cooling package reduces wear
  • Input torque of up to 2,000 Nm improves shift quality to enhance operator and passenger comfort
  • Features six-stage planetary gearset with torque converter and primary retarder
  • Torque converter with new torsional damper enables fast and smooth shifting
  • Torque converter and torsional damper satisfying trend toward low engine and transmission speeds which are important for efficient operation
  • Torque converter transmits fewer engine vibrations to both transmission and complete drivetrain for increased comfort
  • Planetary gearset makes it possible to increase the total gear ratios from 5,469 to 5,727, necessary for increased mechanical power transmission and thus for greater efficiency
  • Special coating on lamellar clutch further reduces internal transmission losses and optimizes cooling
  • Integrated stainless-steel heat exchanger is mounted behind the transmission and triple-ducted, eliminating the need for an additional container to reduce weight by 10 kg and increase ease of maintenance 
  • Control software includes coasting function that contributes to fuel savings and can be adapted to various engine characteristics
  • Offers simpler assembly and easier diagnostics
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