Poclain CreepDrive 2 System

Poclain Hydraulics' CreepDrive 2 system is a hybrid mechanical-hydraulic transmission which allows the engine to more effectively power auxiliary systems.

Creep Drive System Poclain Hydraulics
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Poclain launches the CreepDrive 2 system is a true hybrid mechanical-hydraulic transmission which helps end users maximize productivity, work quality and driver comfort.

  • Optimizes ease-of-installation on chassis while increasing performance in terms of speed and torque
  • Allows vehicles to work at very low constant speeds in both forward and reverse
  • Achieves constant working speeds from 0.25-7.5 mph (0.4-12 kph)
  • Suitable for up to 97,000 lb. (44 t) vehicles
  • Allows engine to more effectively power auxiliary systems
  • Enables vehicle drivers to focus on work rather than on maintaining a constant speed
  • Totally disengaged while driving vehicle is in non-working mode, allowing it to reach maximum speed and prevent mechanical losses
  • Compatible with both automatic and manual gearboxs as well as with diesel, gasoline and LNG engines
  • Replaces friction braking with hydrostatic braking and acts as an integral decelerator reducing the need to feather the brakes, allowing for more precision and reduced error
  • Radial technology eliminates need for an additional reduction stage and offers high efficiencies, as well as aids reductions in fuel consumption and noise
  • Meets needs of wide range of applications such as road maintenance and road marking, concrete mixers, bridge inspection, rail track maintenance, airport and road sweepers, deicers, snow cutting and more
  • Complete CreepDrive range contains two different sizes of motors, range of pumps, valves and a plug & play control kit including CANbus communication
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