Allison Transmission FracTran Hydraulic Fracturing Transmission

The purpose-built FracTran provides a power rating of 3,300 hp and 10,000 lb.-ft. of input torque.

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Allison Transmission
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Allison Transmission announces the launch of the Allison FracTran hydraulic fracturing transmission.

  • Purpose built based on the specific performance requirements of the customer
  • Meets unique and continually evolving demands of hydraulic fracturing industry
  • Rating of 3,300 hp (2,460.81 kW) and 10,000 lb.-ft. (13558.2 Nm) of input torque, and capable of up to 3,500 hp (2,609.95 kW) with no hardware modifications required
  • Delivers performance in high pressure duty cycles in harsh operating environments
  • Provides high reliability with a service life up to 25,000 hours
  • Overhaul capability provides a second life without hard parts replacement, resulting in low total cost of ownership
  • Eight ranges available with multiple gear ratio options to meet specific customer performance demands
  • Offers filter and fluid life prognostics, a transmission-mounted control module, torsional measuring diagnostics, and an on-rig telematics gateway

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