Dana Spicer HVT1 Transmission

The Spicer HVT1 transmission combines hydrostatic and mechanical drives in an integrated 90-degree gearbox to provide precise low-speed maneuvering control.

Dana Spicer Hvt1 Transmission For Ag Telehandlers
Dana Inc.
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Dana Incorporated announces the launch of the Spicer HVT1, an advanced powersplit transmission that enables performance and sustainability of agriculture telehandlers.

  • Supports power inputs from 110-155 hp (80-115 kW)
  • Offers fuel savings of up to 30% when compared with agriculture telehandlers that use conventional transmissions
  • Combines hydrostatic and mechanical drives in an integrated 90-degree gearbox for precise low-speed maneuvering control and smooth, progressive response for loading and handling cycles
  • Delivers climbing and high-speed towing capabilities up to 31 mph (50 km/h)
  • Allows equipment owners to increase utilization by supplying maximum torque for a wide range of rigorous work demands, such as digging and loading
  • Advanced electronic control system continually adjusts the mix of hydrostatic and mechanical power to maximize machine productivity in widely varying duty cycles, allowing the engine to maintain a consistent speed in its most efficient operating range
  • Compliant with ISO standards that govern safety of control systems for earth-moving machinery, tractors, and other agriculture and forestry machinery
  • Improves operator ergonomics through simplified handling, smoother shifting, lower machine vibration, and reduced noise
  • Fits within current telehandler design envelopes
  • Provides OEMs with option to specify a downsized engine that achieves the same performance as a conventional transmission, or use the same size engine in a powertrain that supplies vastly improved performance

Dana Spicer Hvt1 Transmission For Ag Telehandlers Ghost VehicleDana Inc.

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