Logan Clutch Corp.

Cleveland, OH 44145

Company Overview

Logan manufactures fluid/air actuated, self-contained direct drive PTOs for connect/disconnect between engine or gearbox, live PTOs and hydraulic pumps. Available in SAE A - E, and ISO mounts. Torque ranges from 25 to 2,550 lbs.-ft. Modified Standards Available.

Company Details
28855 Ranney Parkway
Cleveland, OH 44145
United States
Phone:(440) 808-4258
Toll Free:(800) 525-8824
Fax:(440) 808-0003

Logan CH Series clutches and brakes are designed for heavy-duty marine clutch and brake applications. Pneumatic or Hydraulically activated, and suitable for wet or dry operation. Available in seven standard sizes with torque ratings from 49,000 lbs.-in. (5,532 Nm) to 1,280.000 lbs.-in. (144,000Nm). Features: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) type approval, and other classifications.  Applications include: Gearboxes for Marine Propulsion, Hybrid Drive Propulsion, FiFi Gearboxes, Z-Drives / Azimuth Thrusters, Deck and Hauser Winches, and Mooring Winches.

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