LC-318 Generation III PTO

Logan Bell Housing PTO- Power Take Off Clutches

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The LC-318 Generation III is now available from Logan Clutch.

  • Transmits over 10,000 lb.-ft. of torque at 200 psi
  • Logan Bell Housing PTOs are available in SAE  No. 00 to No. 5  flywheel sizes with torque ranges from 159 lb.-ft. (216 Nm) to 10,000 lb.-ft. (13,558 Nm)
  • Air or fluid actuated
  • No pilot bearing
  • Self-adjusting disc pack
  • Ideal for in-line and heavy-duty side load applications
  • Release springs in disc pack maintain running clearance during disengagement
  • Remote actuation
  • Suits a variety of OEM industrial, mobile, oil and gas, and marine applications
  • Engineered, modified standards are available to meet specific application requirements
  • Family owned, Engineered and manufactured in the USA
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