Crosspoint Kinetics

Indianapolis, IN 46268

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5511 West 79th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Toll Free:(855) 435-4301

Crosspoint Kinetics, a joint venture of Cummins Crosspoint and Cummins, develops and delivers solutions that conserve, capture and reuse energy for the benefit of customers and their communities. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, with an advanced technology center in Ft. Wayne, Ind., and installation facilities near key OEMs in Mishawaka, IN. features a unique team of engineers and program experts who are trained to deliver products that can be adopted easily and practically by users.

Crosspoint Kinetics’ first product is the Kinetics Hybrid, a second-generation parallel-electric hybrid system for Class 3 to 7 para-transit bus, shuttle bus and commercial fleet applications. The bolt-on system leverages evolved designs and technologies to cut fuel use by 25 to 30% and pollution by up to 30%. Because it uses long-life ultracapacitors instead of batteries, customers never have to worry about expensive battery replacements and no facility changes are needed. 

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