WPT Power Pump Drives

WPT Power Corp. has expanded its line of pumps to include hydraulic pump drives.

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WPT Power Corporation announces it has a line of hydraulic pump drives. The WPT Power Pump Drives (PPD) will better equip WPT to meet a more extensive range of engine driven application needs.

  • Available for indirect or auxiliary drives
  • Suitable for off-highway and mobile equipment, including, but not limited to, wood chippers, road working machines, rock crushers and grinders
  • Several types of available pump pads and accessories provides more options to meet individual applications
  • Comes in four sizes
  • Able to handle rigorous duty cycles 
  • Mounts between engine and Power Take-Offs (PTO)
  • Provides for multiple live or clutched pumps
  • Self-contained and does not require external lubrication or pumps
  • Internal heat exchangers can be added where required and a variety of options, including PTO clutches, are available
  • Maximum torque capacities from 413 lb-ft [560 Nm] through 4650 lb-ft [6300 Nm] and
  • Operating speeds from 2,100 rpm to 3,000 rpm
  • Mounts to standard SAE housings and provides up to eight pump mounting faces
  • Features flexible couplings on input side for torsional dampening
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