ZF Showcases Various Products at Agritechnica 2011

At Agritechnica 2011, ZF exhibited many of its latest products, including the new TERRAMATIC transaxle and continuously variable transmission series.

ZF CVT TERRAMATIC with generator module TERRA+
ZF CVT TERRAMATIC with generator module TERRA+
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ZF exhibited its latest product highlights at Agritechnica in Hanover from November 13 to 19, 2011. ZF is continually working on expanding its range of products. The power densities of the new products has again been increased. Consequently, vehicles with ZF components operate even more efficiently and sparingly. Also increased demands from users and vehicle manufacturers due to the new emission regulations are taken into account, especially with respect to the forthcoming stages "Interim Tier 4" and "Tier 4 Final."

The new developments offer the user a wide range of possible combinations and they can be integrated without problem into existing tractors. All ZF transmission variants within a performance category, from synchromesh or powershift transmissions to continuously variable transmissions, can be combined through defined interfaces with appropriate rear and front axles without a substantial outlay.

New generation of CVTs: ZF-TERRAMATIC

The TERRAMATIC series integrates seamlessly into ZF's modular system concept. With TERRAMATIC, ZF is uniting all the advantages of the ECCOM and S-Matic series, thereby founding a new class of CVTs. Furthermore, the efficiency has been improved and maintenance simplified. The modular housing structure of the TERRAMATIC facilitates the adaptation of the most varied types of engine. Due to the standardised interface to the rear axle with the ZF powershift transmissions, the vehicle manufacturer is able to offer both transmission variants in one tractor model. The consistent on-going development of CVT technology by ZF makes itself felt in the targeted reduction of weight and noise. ZF is responding to the increased expectations on the reliability of the stepless transaxles primarily with the application of components which have been well proven over many years.

The ZF-TERRA+ generator module supplies power to electrical secondary drives in the tractor and the attached implements. Due to the needs-based drive of the auxiliary loads on the vehicle ZF-TERRA+ helps to save fuel. In addition, the productivity can be increased due to the availability of electrical power for drives in the attached implements. ZF is offering the system according to its building kit principle as an integral constituent of the transaxle or as a separate PTO module including the power electronics and energy management. The new ZFTERRASTEER steering axle complements the offered driveline to give a perfectly matched overall system.

Expansion of the ECCOM series

The ECCOM 1.3 is now available as a complete driveline from standard production. The transaxle has a power range extending from 100 to 140 hp. Consequently, it expands the High Tech product line in the lower application range. Also the ECCOM 2.0 has again been optimised and the power range extended upwards by the new ECCOM 2.4. The start of series production of both models is imminent. 

ECCOM 3.0 is the most powerful CVT for standard tractors and can handle an engine power of up to 420 hp. The transmission can be used in all sectors of agriculture including transport applications. Series production is planned for the autumn of 2011.

New features in the T-7000 series

With the powershift transmissions in the T-7000 series it has been possible to improve the ease of shifting and increase the speed of reversing. The T-7140 is a new powershift transmission in the power range up to 140 hp and is equipped with four powershift forward and reverse gears. With a total of 32 forward and reverse gears the T-7140 counts as one of the most finely stepped power shuttle transmissions.

With the introduction of the new "Interim Tier 4" Emissions Directive the T-7200 and T-7300 are now available with increased power. They transfer a higher engine torque and are suitable for vehicles with a heavier gross vehicle weight. In addition the transmissions, which are fitted throughout with proportional valve control, can be obtained with extended automatic functions (APS4).

Openmatics – the open telematics platform

In order to respond better to the challenges of increased obligations on documentation for agriculture in the 21st century, digital information and communication techniques in the vehicle are becoming increasingly important.

Through an open platform, Openmatics offers modern telematics services which ensure the interchange of digital information from and to moving vehicles. Together with the Intel Corporation, ZF is able to make solutions available for the immediate recall of information which are independent of the field of activity, manufacturer and service. The applications of Openmatics are subject to a very safe security concept with encrypted data transmission and stringent certification measures. The open app structure here enables flexible software application and will in future also offer targeted applications for the agricultural machinery market.

Safety and driving comfort

ZF offers a wide selection of cabin dampers from the robust steel spring module and the air-spring module through to the latest CALM (Cabin Air Levelling Module) with integral level regulation and electronic damper system, the Continuous CDC (Damping Control). Due to dynamic adaptation of the damping characteristic, CDC offers a constant high level of comfort in varying working conditions.

Furthermore, with its clutches for optimum power transfer, ZF provides fast and reliable parting and closure of the power flow, smooth moving off, damping of engine vibrations, easy operation, high service life without sacrificing comfort and a modest requirement on installation space.