Hydrodynamic Torque Converters

The hydrodynamic torque converters from ZF enable machinery to move the heavy loads they need to in a productive and fuel efficient manner.

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With its highly efficient and individually adaptable hydrodynamic torque converters, ZF Friedrichshafen AG is successfully helping commercial vehicles be versatile, economically viable as well as fuel efficient.

  • Moves heavy weights which a conventional clutch would be unable to cope with
  • Hydraulic configurations can vary depending on engine characteristics, transmission grading, and the type of machinery
  • Features diameters of 280 to 440 mm
  • Can be used for maximum torque transfers of 500 up to 2,700 Nm
  • Compact and weight optimized design, enabled by metal-shaping technology as well as the geometries of the oil circuit, ensure maximum installation flexibility
  • To help save on fuel, converter must only be used where explicitly required since hydrodynamic power transfer generates high levels of fuel consumption 
  • After setting-off process, converter lock-up clutch ensures that torque flow between the engine and transmission takes place in a direct and thus loss-free way to help save on fuel use
  • Updated freewheel concepts have been applied to meet today's highly dynamic shift sequence requirements for transmissions 


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