The SES iNTELLIDRIVE System enables the capture and reuse of braking energy to provide a boost during vehicle acceleration.

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Stored Energy Solutions' (SES) iNTELLIDRIVE System is a parallel mechanical-over-hydraulic design drivetrain system that can be mounted on new or current fleet vehicles.

  • Low-complexity system
  • Requires little modification to existing vehicle’s standard factory configuration
  • Uses industry-standard hydraulic components with many years of proven durability, reducing system cost and increasing system reliability
  • Hydraulic boost technology uses energy captured during stopping cycles to provide a boost to the vehicle during the acceleration cycle
  • Well suited for commercial vehicles with a high stop-start frequency such as refuse trucks or urban transportation vehicles
  • Hydraulic boost technology provides reduced torque requirements on the brakes during deceleration and reduces high engine loads during acceleration – significantly increasing brake life and fuel consumption efficiency


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