American Chemical Technologies, Inc.

Fowlerville, MI 48836

Company Overview

American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT), founded in the fall of 1977, based on the fundamental principles of manufacturing, and supplying high performance industrial lubricants, supported with unsurpassed personal service. ACT is dedicated to reducing the unfavorable properties of traditional lubricants for workers and the environment. Our value-added synthetic lubricants are designed to extend both equipment and fluid service-life to the industries we serve across the globe. The lines of circulating products that ACT manufactures and distributes meet stringent standards and are in accordance with ISO standards. In the field, further testing is conducted thru our vigorous Check-Mate sample analysis program, which assists end-users in keeping fluids in specification throughout the life of the lubricant.

Company Details
485 E. Van Riper Road
Fowlerville, MI 48836
Phone:(517) 223-0300
Toll Free:(800) 938-0101
Fax:(517) 223-1703
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