Bulge Control Technology Rivet Nuts

The Bulge Control Technology Rivet Nuts from Bossard feature four cross holes on the shank for precise placement of the rivet nut.

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Bulge Control Technology (BCT) Rivet Nuts from Bossard offer versatile and high performance solutions to many blind nut applications.

  • Four cross holes on shank determine precisely where nut will collapse, allowing it to be installed in many non-conventional blind applications
  • Precise bulge formation provides assembly solution for fiber board, rubber and plastic material
  • Single unit is able to cover different grip ranges
  • Meets assembly requirements of 12.9 bolts without destroying nut or bolt’s threads
  • Maintains installation torque without higher force installation equipment or expensive manufacturing processes
  • BCT Multi-grip version gives grip range of almost three times that of standard nuts
  • BCT Micro version offers solution for applications where back space is limited by creating a rear protrusion as small as 5.0 mm
  • BCT Micro maintains high quality thread and is suitable for nut metric classes 8 and 10
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