Fusionbond 372

Hernon Manufacturing's Fusionbond 372 is a two-component, impact-resistant structural adhesive.


Hernon Manufacturing announces the debut of Fusionbond 372, the toughest structural adhesive on the market. 

  • Highly thixotropic two-component, room temperature cure methacrylate adhesive system
  • Specially formulated to bond many diverse substrates and offer chemical resistance
  • Resistant to fatigue and impact
  • Maintains ability to fill gaps
  • Offers shear strength not found in other adhesives
  • Withstood 50 Joules during impact testing
  • Tests to ASTM D1002 have demonstrated shear strengths of over 5,000 psi on abraded steel and up to 3,660 psi on abraded aluminum
  • ASTM D4501 standard tests have show strengths up to 1,340 psi on epoxyglass, while standard PVC failed before the adhesive at 2,520 psi 
  • Bonds various hard-to-bond substrates including phenolics, polycarbonate and blends, polyurethanes ABS, and PVC
  • Can be used to bond other substrates, some of which include steel, stainless steel, styrenics and titanium.
  • Halogen/chlorine free – unlike any other structural adhesive!
  • Fast and/or slow curing options available
  • Bonds to most substrates including composites, wood, metals, plastic, glass, ceramics, fiberglass and more
  • Resistant to many chemicals including kerosene, hydrocarbon oil, mineral spirits, and ethylene glycol
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