Nook Industries Caged Ball Profile Rail for Linear Guidance

Nook Industries' caged ball profile rail for linear guidance features a dustproof design and a patented reinforcement plate.

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Nook Industries introduces a caged ball profile rail for linear guidance.

  • Provides reduced friction, lower noise levels and prevents bearings from making incidental contact
  • Improves on more traditional designs with lubrication advantages, a patented reinforcement plate and an overall dustproof design
  • Lubrication design adds no additional length to the runner block and the pad contacts directly with the ball bearings
  • Lubrication storage pad can save enough lubricant to ensure long-term effects while conforming to environmental protection needs and lowering overall maintenance costs
  • Lubrication port fittings can be placed on the top, bottom or sides of the runner block
  • O-ring seals ensure easy and clean lubrication
  • Two stainless steel reinforcement plates on either end of the runner block increases rigidity while adding a scraper function
  • Plate features clearance of less than 0.3 mm
  • Plate is capable of removing items such as iron filings from the rail and also increases x-axis direction force capacity and increases operating speed
  • Dustproof design is accomplished through the plate design and several other advances
  • Newly designed inner seals slant inward at 45 degrees, protecting against foreign objects and reducing friction
  • Full-sealing bottom seal reduces oil usage by preventing lubrication leaks
  • Two different end-seal designs, Standard (B) and Reinforcement (S), enables choice of solution to best meet application needs 


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