Southco Hand Actuated R4-20 Rotary Latch

The Southco R4-20 Rotary Latch can be triggered by hand via an integrated plastic knob, eliminating the need for a separate cable and actuator.

R4 20 Southco
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Southco Inc. introduces the hand actuated R4-20 Rotary Latch.

  • Can be triggered by hand via integrated plastic knob, eliminating need for separate cable and actuator
  • Features steel construction, providing robust, long-lasting solution for demanding applications such as hidden access panels and doors on transportation and industrial equipment
  • Compact, space-saving design facilitates inside door mounting
  • Available in through-hole, metric and imperial mounting styles
  • Single or two-stage latching available, ensuring secure latching at low closing forces
  • Offers superior latch to striker mating tolerances, making it suitable for flexible panel applications with inherent misalignment concerns
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