Timken Introducing Line of Solid Block roller Bearing Housed Units

Timken announces it will be introducing a line of solid block roller bearing housed units which are designed to provide longer bearing life.

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The Timken Company is introducing an enhanced line of solid block roller bearing housed units designed for greater reliability and longer bearing life.

Timken Type E tapered roller bearing (TRB) solid block housed units offer a significant increase in design life over industry-leading designs that utilize standard Timken bearings. In addition, Timken e-coating outperformed standard industry black oxide or powder coatings used on housings and locking collars. Finally, Timken-designed double-lipped seals have outperformed single-lip seal designs from a leading competitor in protecting bearings from debris in harsh environments. 

Timken spherical roller bearing (SRB) solid block housed units are constructed of solid steel with the ability to handle +/- 1.5 degrees of misalignment. The customizable units feature, five locking configurations, six primary sealing options and end cover options, for a bearing solution that meets very specific application demands.

New Clydesdale Colliery, in Mpumalanga, South Africa, recently switched several bearing positions in their conveyor system to Timken SRB solid block housed units. “We were getting eight weeks of bearing life maximum with our previous solution,” says Frans Botha, mechanical foreman at New Clydesdale. “Timken presented their units as a potential solution and we gave them a try. It’s 10 months later, the original units are still running and our maintenance cycles have been reduced significantly.”

The complete line of Timken housed units also includes spherical roller bearing split block housed units and ball bearing housed units. All Timken housed units feature enhanced sealing and bearing designs to provide stronger performance in the harshest environments.