Bel-Ray's Clear Gear Lubricant OEM Approved for Mining Equipment

Bel-Ray's Clear Gear Lubricant has received OEM approval from Outotec for use in its mining equipment.

Bel Ray Clear Gear Lubricant Receives Oem Approval
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Bel-Ray Clear Gear Lubricant, grades medium and heavy, has received OEM approval from Outotec. This endorsement qualifies these products for use as ring gear and pinion lubricants in the mining equipment manufactured by Outotec, a global leader in minerals and metals processing technologies.

Clear Gear Lubricant is a Very High Viscosity (VHV) full synthetic fluid gear lubricant designed for use in open gear systems, particularly in rotating equipment such as grinding mills, cement kilns, driers, agglomerators and pelletizers. Clear Gear Lubricant can replace any open gear lubricant, including greases, compounds and residual products.

Critical capabilities of this OEM-approved Bel-Ray lubricant are prevention of wear, arrest of existing wear trends and reduction/elimination of vibration. Additional benefits include reduction of gear tooth surface temperatures by up to 20% and decreased lubricant consumption up to 35%.

Suitable for application to gears and pinions via either a centralized spray system or immersion, the Bel-Ray Clear Gear Lubricant offers process plant operators these essential features:

  • Low Temperature Fluidity - The unique blend of synthetic hydrocarbons and select ester base-fluids provides excellent low temperature fluidity.
  • High Viscosity - These lubricants provide full separation of gear teeth by forming a thick, resilient lubricating film between gear tooth surfaces, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and the resulting wear.
  • Reduced Micropitting - Special additives reduce and prevent micropitting, a form of gear tooth damage that occurs early in the life of gears and often the root cause of premature gear failure.
  • Clear Lubricating Film - Easy visibility allows the operator to perform inspections without costly machine shutdowns and clean-up.
  • Full Fluidity - Promotes easy drainage to waste collection containers and eliminates used lubricant accumulation in the gear tooth roots and shroud.

Bel-Ray Clear Gear Lubricant has also received OEM approval from Metso Minerals of York, PA, a provider of world-leading technology and services to the mining and construction industries. In addition, this premium lubricant exceeds ANSI/AGMA 9005-E02 Specification Annex D for minimum viscosity recommendations for open gearing in intermittent lubricant applications.

"This OEM approval from Outotec confirms Bel-Ray's heritage of developing superior application-specific products that help our customers get the most out of their machinery and equipment," says Don Howard, new product innovation - mining at Bel-Ray. "Receiving this OEM recognition from a company like Outotec is particularly rewarding, given their notable position as a worldwide technology leader in the sustainable processing of the earth's resources."