Afton Chemical presenting on new test methods for lubricants at lubricant forum

Afton Chemical's Chip Hewette will discuss new test methods and optimum lubricant chemistry for improved vehicle performance at he 2013 Dalian Lubricant Technique & Economy Forum in China.

Afton Chemical Corp. will present on the subject of “Gear Lubricants Suitable For High Loads And High Speeds – Creating The Ideal Formulation Balance” at the 2013 Dalian Lubricant Technique & Economy Forum in Dalian, China on September 25, 2013. In this focused-topic presentation, Afton’s Chip Hewette will discuss how the right test methods can ensure optimal protection in the real world. 

In the world of gear lubricants, tests are commonly performed that focus on one aspect of tribology. For example, the ASTM D6121 test stresses the hypoid gear lubricant to evaluate its antiwear protection, while the ASTM D7452 test focuses attention on the lubricant preventing gear scoring. These tests have great value, and have much historical significance. But, it is possible to pass both these tests and still not meet the true application needs when the vehicle is heavily loaded and is pulling that load up steep grades. 

To ensure that modern gear lubricants meet the current needs of vehicles in service and their drivers, new forms of testing are recommended. These new tests combine the aspects of stop-and-go driving, over-the-road transits, and steep mountain grades while at thermal extremes.  In the tests, both axle components as well as lubricants are evaluated as partners in protection. The test methods and how optimum lubricant chemistry protects against the extremes of real world driving will be described.

Hewette currently holds the position of lubricant formulator at Afton Chemical Corporation. His efforts include formulating for fuel efficiency; noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) reduction; and system durability.