Southco Webinar to Detail Best Practices for Integrating Positioning Technology

The webinar is meant to help engineers understand how to maximize the end user experience.

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Southco Inc. will host a live product solutions webinar “How to Improve Equipment Ergonomics with Positioning Technology” on November 12 at 1:00 p.m. EST.  

Positioning Technologies—the adjustable mechanisms that safely support or suspend displays, doors and panels for optimal use—are a key component of successful equipment design. How easily a piece of equipment can be adjusted by the person operating it plays a larger role in defining its perceived quality, reliability and effectiveness.

Join Southco Senior Principal Engineer Glenn Anderson as he explains how position control devices like hinges and display arms can enhance equipment design by enabling users to easily position doors, display screens and other mounted components and hold them securely at any desired angle. Attend our webinar to learn:

  • How Positioning Technology improves user convenience and ergonomics
  • Different types of Position Technology mechanisms and where to use them
  • Important design considerations for selecting Positioning Technology solutions
  • Real world application examples where Positioning Technology can add value

“This interactive webinar is designed to help engineers understand how to maximize the end user experience and design products that are ready to go to market faster,” says Anderson. “This is a valuable opportunity to learn more about how display mounts, arms and hinges designed with Positioning Technology can improve ergonomic functionality of various types of equipment in a wide range of industries.”

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