LORD Micro-Mounts Vibration Isolators

The LORD Micro-Mounts vibration isolators reduce board-level acceleration levels up to 200 times compared to hard-mounting electronic components.

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LORD Corporation introduces its LORD Micro-Mounts high-performance vibration isolators, originally developed for demanding aerospace, as well as oil and gas applications, which are now available to any OEM that needs to protect electronic components in harsh environments.

  • For electronic components and PCB assemblies
  • Reduces board-level acceleration levels by up to 200 times when compared to hard-mounting electronic components
  • Small and soft enough to protect individual electronic components allowing for vibration isolation at the circuit board level
  • Can be used as stand-alone solution or to augment performance of full-system vibration isolation solution
  • Flexible design
  • Made of Broad Temperature Range (BTR) silicone bonded to stainless-steel
  • Suited for applications requiring consistent performance at extreme temperatures
  • Offers easy installation in wide range of applications
  • Uses standard hardware for applications
  • Can support 0.1 lbs. (0.05 kg) with a single mount
  • Available in Nut/Nut, Post/Nut and Post/Post configurations in many common threads (#2-56, #4-40, M3)
  • Temperature rated to 350 F (176.7 C) continuous operation (400 F/204.4 C peak)
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