Fallbrook Technologies Acquires Hodyon LP

Fallbrook Technologies Inc. acquires Hodyon LP, manufacturer of Dynasys Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) products

Fallbrook Technologies announces the acquisition of Hodyon LP, a manufacturer and distributor of energy-efficient products and systems. Hodyon's primary product focus is its diesel-electric Dynasys Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) system. Operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary, Hodyon will incorporate Fallbrook's patented NuVinci continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission to create a more efficient, next generation APU product.

"The Hodyon team is very excited about merging our resources with Fallbrook," says David Hancock, Hodyon's Chief Executive Officer. "We believe Fallbrook's technology and infrastructure bring Hodyon an undeniable competitive advantage in the APU market. The combination of Fallbrook's NuVinci continuously variable accessory drive with Hodyon's Dynasys APU will allow us to serve the transportation industry with products that provide real environmental change through the reduction of fossil fuel and energy consumption."

William G. Klehm III, Fallbrook's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer states "This is a strategic acquisition that represents the commercial launch of our NuVinci DeltaSeries products. Combining Fallbrook's strengths, including its financial backing, with Hodyon will provide an opportunity for us to accelerate the growth of this business. The next generation Dynasys APU will continue to provide what we believe is a best-in-class product that will save truckers money and reduce emissions. In addition, Hodyon's established product and distribution channels will provide a foundation for delivering many of our other planned automotive products to the marketplace."