Fallbrook's Nuvinci DeltaSeries Offers Fuel Savings

A recent study shows Fallbrook Technologies' NuVinci DeltaSeries may deliver up to 24% fuel savings.

Fallbrook Technologies Inc. (Fallbrook) announces that its NuVinci DeltaSeries continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology provided a nearly 24% fuel savings for a Dynasys class 8 truck auxiliary power unit (APU) in recent independently performed computer simulations.

Fallbrook is a company dedicated to improving the performance and flexibility of transmissions for engine and human-powered devices. The Dynasys APU is a product of Hodyon, a wholly-owned Fallbrook subsidiary.

The Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) released its findings after modeling the use of Fallbrook's NuVinci DeltaSeries CVP in conjunction with the Dynasys APU. SwRI is one of the oldest and largest independent, nonprofit, applied research and development organizations in the United States.

"We're proud of what this research means in terms of our ability to reduce diesel fuel usage by improving systems efficiency," says William G. Klehm, Chairman and CEO of Fallbrook Technologies. "The NuVinci DeltaSeries is a new class of continuously variable transmission technology that, when integrated in applications like APUs, acts as an energy management system. We believe it changes the game for many markets confronting the seemingly incompatible tasks of optimizing both fuel efficiency and performance."

"Reducing idle fuel usage becomes more important every day with the rising costs of diesel," says Rob Smithson, CTO and Vice President of Business Development for Fallbrook Technologies. "We believe the NuVinci DeltaSeries CVP's ability to act as a systemic energy management device for the APU provides the Dynasys brand with a competitive advantage over other "me too" APUs."

This marks the first in a series of independent studies Fallbrook has commissioned to measure the positive impact of its patented CVP technology on a wide variety of transportation applications in terms of fuel efficiency and performance. The NuVinci DeltaSeries line optimizes system operation by using the company's patented CVP technology.

Instead of the traditional gear and clutch mechanisms found in conventional transmissions, these products leverage a set of rotating spheres that are arranged around a central "sun" that transfers torque between two "rings." Tilting the spheres changes their contact diameters on the rings, permitting an infinite progression of speed ratios. The result is a smooth, seamless and continuous transition to any ratio within its range, maximizing overall powertrain efficiency.