Titan Announces Mining Subsidiary

Titan International announces it has formed a new subsidiary, Titan Mining Services.

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Titan International, Inc. has formed a new company, Titan Mining Services. This new group will offer complete tire, wheel and track services for end users. The company's first location will be Fort MacKay, Alberta, Canada.

Titan chose the oil sands to begin these services because of the great amount of equipment used in the region. Titan is partnering with Saskatoon Wholesale Tire Ltd. who has been in the area for a number of years and also represents Titan Tire.

Maurice Taylor, Jr., Chairman and CEO, states that Titan has been approached by a number of mines to offer this service and Titan plans to rapidly expand the business globally. "As we expand, Titan will be working with local businesses in all areas of the world," says Taylor. "Titan is the only company worldwide who has the engineering expertise on wheels, tires and track components and we will be training many new technicians."

Titan will announce shortly who will be heading Titan Mining Services.  In the meantime, it will be operating out of corporate offices in Quincy, IL.