Dana Introduces Central Tire Inflation System

Dana recently introduced its central tire inflation system for agricultural machinery at Agritechnica 2011.

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At Agritechnica 2011, Dana Holding Corporation introduced its Spicer Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS), which delivers enhanced mobility and reduced fuel consumption for agricultural vehicles.

Dana will also present its popular Spicer Model 970 axle for large high-speed tractors and demonstrate the convenience it offers customers as the single source for drivetrain replacement parts and services under the Spicer umbrella of brands.

The Dana exhibit is located in Hall 26, Stand J20 at Agritechnica 2011.

"Dana has become a clear leader among Tier 1 suppliers for the agricultural sector by providing high-quality drivetrain solutions that enable our OEM partners to accelerate their production schedules and reduce their time to market," says Aziz Aghili, president of Dana Off-Highway Driveline Technologies. "As the sector continues its rebound, Dana is well-positioned to deliver the advanced drivetrain technologies farmers need to increase their yield and meet growing demand."

Now being adapted for agricultural vehicles after years of development and use in military markets, the Spicer CTIS is designed to maximize the mobility of agricultural tractors, combines, and harvesters by adjusting tire pressure to provide the optimum footprint on any given terrain. The Spicer CTIS enhances productivity in field operating environments through optimized traction, leak detection and reduced soil compaction, while extending tire life, improving fuel economy and increasing vehicle stability during on-road transport. The feature is available now for testing by OEMs with production scheduled to start in 2012.

The Spicer Model 970 axle is the largest of Dana's premium axles designed for large high-speed tractors. Engineered with an independent front suspension to offer isolation from body vibration, the Model 970 axle provides improved operator comfort, better vehicle control, better traction, and improved handling characteristics for safer operation, especially at on-road speeds. A higher speed version of the Model 970 axle enables on-road travel up to 60 km/h (37 mph).

In addition to the Model 970 axle shown at Agritechnica, Dana offers a full range of planetary axles and planetary suspended axles for medium and large agricultural applications.