Titan's Paul Hawkins Appointed to Lead Titan Mining Services

Titan has appointed Paul Hawkins to lead Titan Mining Services, a subsidiary of Titan International.

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Titan International, Inc., announces Paul Hawkins, formerly serving in OTR sales and production at Titan Tire Corporation, a subsidiary of Titan International, will now be heading up Titan Mining Services, also a subsidiary of Titan International.

Hawkins will be reporting to CEO Morry Taylor, who states, “Paul understands the complete range of products and what needs to be done as Titan expands into this new venture.”

It is Titan’s plan to team with independent servicing dealers and bring its engineering and technical knowledge to a higher level than what’s in the mining industry today. Since Titan produces wheels and tires, there is no other manufacturer that can say, “If it moves, we have the expertise to keep it moving.”

Taylor notes, “Titan believes that its competitors will be pleased that Titan will bring added professionalism to the service of all our competitors’ tires, besides our own. Everyone knows you need the proper air pressure, temperature control, etc. to extend tire life.”

“Paul will be setting up Titan Mining Services around the world over the next few years,” Taylor comments. “I look forward to working with Paul as we move forward.”