Pathway Polymers Providing Tire Fill Solutions to Colombian Ministry of Defense

Pathway Polymers has signed an agreement with Dismacor S.A. to supply tire fill solutions to the Colombian Ministry of Defense.

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Pathway Polymers recently signed an agreement with Dismacor S. A., a major tire distributor in Bogotá, Colombia, to provide tire fill solutions to the Colombian Ministry of Defense. The deal is part of a larger project called El Plan Meteoro, which was first started by Colombian officials in an effort to protect and improve road infrastructure and regain roadway security.

Pathway Polymers’ mission is to provide the best tire flatproofing systems and the best customer support through continuous innovation, which is one of the top reasons Dismacor officials cited for awarding Pathway the contract.

Ingeniero Delfirio Peñaloza says he is looking forward to the latest tire fill technology and highest quality tire fill available in the Colombian market.

Fernando Bedos, General Director of International Business at Pathway Polymers, will train and certify the technicians at Dismacor on the tire filling process. The TyrFil manufacturer is the only tire fill provider that offers technicial training in Spanish, for which officials at Dismacor are especially thankful.