Pathway Polymers Announces Release of New White Paper

Pathway Polymers has released a new white paper comparing the benefits and value propositions of polyurethane-filled pneumatic tires and solid tires.

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Pathway Polymers, the flatproofing industry’s leading manufacturer, recently published the white paper “Polyurethane-Filled Pneumatic (Foam-Filled) Tires vs. Solid Tires – A Comparative Performance Overview,” which, as the name suggests, compares the benefits and value propositions of polyurethane-filled pneumatic tires (commonly referred to in the industry as foam-filled tires) and solid tires. The strengths and weaknesses of both products have been debated many times over the past years. With input from some of the largest original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket customers, rental companies and tire dealers with decades of tire industry experience, the study compares the two products using the following criteria: cushioning, floatation, shock resistance, stability, wear, abrasion, durability, traction and cost.

With this educational tool, current and potential users and dealers will learn how to determine the best option for each application. It is important to understand that there is a market for both products, but it is difficult to directly compare the two. Determining the best option is dependent on the application. Each application requires a specific tread, durometer and stiffness of tire. While solid tires perform well in certain applications, the greatest advantage of polyurethane-filled pneumatic tires is the availability of many combinations of tire sizes, tread patterns, polyurethane fill durometers and inflation pressures for the operator to choose from and customize according to each application.

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