Schrader Releases EZ-Tire Tire-Mounted Sensors

Schrader announces the release of its EZ-tire tire-mounted sensors which easily adhere to the inner liner of a tire.

Schrader, a pioneer and leading global manufacturer of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), announces the release of Schrader EZ-tire tire-mounted sensors. Using the same patented and programmable sensing technology as the industry-recognized, valve-mounted EZ-sensor™, the EZ-tire sensor is enclosed within a small, circular, rubber fitment package that easily adheres to the inner liner of the tire. Given its location, the EZ-tire solution expands the benefits of TPMS (including enhanced tire performance data) to a wide range of new applications in addition to traditional passenger cars and light trucks that are federally mandated to include TPMS. These new applications could include vehicles with specialty or custom wheels, heavy-duty trucks and buses, fleet vehicles, motorcycles, off-road vehicles and many more.

“We have always focused on providing a broad range of innovative, high-performing TPMS solutions to meet the needs of our customers,” says Trevor Potter, Vice President, North American Aftermarket at Schrader. “With the introduction of Schrader EZ-tire, we are pleased to offer the most sophisticated TPMS sensor technology on the market to a diverse range of new vehicle types, as well as a new fitment option for existing TPMS service.”

“The introduction of our tire-mounted sensor demonstrates Schrader’s ongoing commitment to innovation and providing the best technology to our customers,” says Hugh Charvat, President and CEO of Schrader. “EZ-tire provides a truly unique solution for our diverse customers, including those who face daily challenges of maintaining an active TPMS system while fitting plus wheel sizes.”

Schrader’s tire mounted sensor technology can also be packaged with additional telematics software to provide enhanced tire performance and tracking data, which is especially important to fleet managers and heavy-duty equipment operators. For example, a fleet vehicle with a Schrader tire-mounted sensor can potentially predict worn tires and advise the driver to either change their tires or modify their maximum speed. Other real-time data important to managers includes tire pressure, tire temperature, air inside tire temperature, miles traveled, vehicle loads, tire dimensions and tire characteristics, tire performance and longevity. This additional data provides critical insight needed to optimize vehicle road performance.

Just like Schrader’s EZ-sensor solution, EZ-tire is programmable across diverse TPMS protocols and vehicle platforms, thus saving installation time, cost and inventory requirements. Diverse vehicle types can be quickly programmed with EZ-tire with more than eight handheld scan/programming tools. For technicians, EZ-tire adheres directly to the inside of the tire similar to a tire patch installation.

Schrader’s EZ-tire technology will be showcased at the 2012 Special Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas from October 30 to November 2, 2012, in Schrader’s booth (#40169) along with a custom Ford Racing Shelby GT500 Mustang. Schrader also has all new 2013 TPMS vehicle application coverage for customers.