VIPAR Heavy Duty and Accuride Corp. Sign New Three-Year Agreement

A new agreement between VIPAR and Accuride enables VIPAR to now offer Accuride Wheels, Gunite wheel-end components and Imperial Group products.

VIPAR Heavy Duty and Accuride Corporation jointly announce the completion of a new three-year agreement. Under the agreement, VIPAR Heavy Duty will offer Accuride Wheels, Gunite wheel-end components and Imperial Group products.

"VIPAR Heavy Duty has had a long term relationship with Accuride Corporation in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico," says Steve Crowley, President and CEO, VIPAR Heavy Duty. “This new agreement recognizes the strong commitment that Accuride continues to show in the aftermarket through their investment in the infrastructure and personnel to support this program."

Products in the program include wheel band spacers, steel and aluminum wheels, and demountable rims from Accuride Wheels; brake drums, spoke wheels, air disc brakes, rotors, disc wheel hubs and automatic slack adjusters from Gunite; and Imperial fuel tanks, in-frame battery boxes and custom fit bumpers.

Accuride is proud of our long-standing support of VIPAR, its stockholders and customers,” says Rick Dauch, President and CEO of Accuride Corporation. “The quality and geographic alignment of VIPAR stockholders ensures a strong distribution channel across North America for our products and make this agreement a win for both organizations. Accuride’s strategic focus on delivering more dependable performance for VIPAR and our aftermarket customers led us to invest more than $150 million in operational improvements in our business in 2011 to 2013. The resulting step-change gains we’re seeing in our quality, delivery and lead time performance make long-term agreements like this possible."