Carraro Drive Tech Providing Drives for World's Largest Tracked Crane

Carraro Drive Tech is providing drives for XCMG's XCG88000 tracked crane, the largest in the world.

Carraro Drive Tech 4500 Tonne Xcmg Tracked Crane

Carraro Drive Tech, company of the Carraro Group, leader in transmission systems for off-highway systems, is again playing a leading role in the area of construction equipment. Over the past few days, the company has provided XCMG, one of the most important Chinese manufacturers of construction equipment, with a series of drives for the largest tracked crane in the world (model XGC88000).

In more detail, Carraro is present inside this vehicle both with the drives for moving the tracks (travel drives) as well as drives for the winches (winch drives), for a total value of approximately 2 million per vehicle. These drives were designed and implemented at the German plant of O&K Antriebstechnik, a group company recognized internationally for its expertise in products used for heavy-duty applications.

This new machine, which represents a world-wide record in terms of its size, with a lifting capacity of 4,500 tonnes, was built by XCMG especially for Sinopec, a Chinese state-owned petrochemical company. This is a vehicle that, with its mechanical arms, is able to lift the equivalent of 450 fully loaded trucks, just to get an idea.

"Being part of a vehicle that large and with such extreme performance levels means being recognised as a top technological partner," comments Enrico Carraro, Group Chairman. "Our products, and in particular those from O&KA, have again been recognised as highly reliable, with excellent quality and performance levels. This is a path of accreditation that continues, also with new strategic partners such as XCMG." 

"This supply demonstrates how the geography of our markets is in permanent transition. Today, Italy represents less than 15% of our target market and we are continuously expanding our network of customers towards Asia, a growth area with important potentiality," concludes Carraro. "In China, in particular, we are experiencing a development phase both for construction equipment as well as for agricultural equipment, also in compliance with the stimulus policies promoted by the local government."