Goodyear Self-Sealing Tires Help Extend Tire Life

Goodyear DuraSeal tires feature a gel-like substance within the tire's inner lining that instantly repairs nail-hole punctures in the repairable tire tread area.

Dura Seal Graphic

Does a self-sealing truck tire sound too good to be true? “A self-sealing truck tire isn’t a dream,” says Brian Buckham, Marketing Manager, Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems. “It’s a reality, and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has it.”

Goodyear offers several self-sealing tires, including the G289 WHA DuraSeal and the G296 WHA DuraSeal, both of which have been designed for waste haul applications and were on display at Goodyear’s Waste Expo booth (#1537) May 21 to 23 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA.

The secret to these tires’ self-sealing capabilities is Goodyear DuraSeal Technology, a gel-like substance built into the tire’s inner liner that instantly repairs nail-hole punctures of up to 1/4-inch in diameter in the tire’s repairable tread area.

“Goodyear is the only tire manufacturer that offers this extraordinary, uptime-preserving technology for commercial truck tires,” says Buckham.

During Waste Expo, attendees will have an opportunity to see how DuraSeal works – and enter a drawing during Waste Expo to win a new iPad – by puncturing a G289 WHA DuraSeal tire using Goodyear’s Tire Popper, a device that consists of a lever that’s pulled down by hand to drive a spike into the tire’s tread area.

How DuraSeal Technology works

Goodyear DuraSeal Technology is built into the tread area of a truck tire’s casing. When a nail puncture in the repairable area of the tire’s tread occurs, the DuraSeal compound immediately surrounds the nail and seals the puncture.

DuraSeal helps protect the part of the tire where punctures most often occur. This is particularly beneficial for waste haul trucks that travel over debris-littered surfaces.

“Goodyear DuraSeal Technology helps preserve valuable uptime because tires that contain DuraSeal don’t have to be taken out of service for tread puncture repairs,” says Buckham. “In fact, we’ve seen DuraSeal tires hold air with multiple foreign objects imbedded in their tread area.

“If you think about how much uptime this preserved and the number of service calls that were avoided, it’s easy to see how a fleet’s bottom line can be improved through the use of Goodyear DuraSeal truck tires,” he explains.

“This is another example of how Goodyear offers fleets a Total Package Solution, not just a tire.”

Up-close: the G289 WHA DuraSeal and the G296 WHA DuraSeal

Both the G289 WHA DuraSeal and the G296 WHA DuraSeal are ideal for waste industry trucks that are required to travel across municipal and privately owned dumps, construction sites, waste transfer stations and other areas where the potential for tread punctures is high, according to Buckham.

In addition to Goodyear DuraSeal Technology, the G289 WHA DuraSeal contains a wide range of features designed to benefit waste haul fleets, including a deep 24/32-inch tread depth, which helps extend tread life in demanding waste haul applications. The G289 WHA DuraSeal is available in size 315/80R22.5 Load Range L.

The G296 WHA DuraSeal, which is available in size 425/65R22.5 Load Range L, offers 23/32-inch tread depth, a high-scrub tread compound to extend tire life, and has a speed rating of 68 miles per hour.

“The G289 WHA DuraSeal and the G296 WHA DuraSeal are strong all-around performers that deliver a variety of real-world benefits to waste haul fleets,” says Buckham. “At the same time, they have been engineered for optimal road handling and wear, so trucks can travel to and from their destination with confidence.

“We look forward to discussing these tires, DuraSeal Technology, and all of the innovative products, best-in-class services and profitability tools that Goodyear offers to help fleets lower their operating costs and achieve greater profitability.”